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PR in Australia Report

Digital services lead the way as Australian PR firms invest in growth (REPORT)

  Australia’s public relations consulting industry seems to be in pretty healthy shape if a new survey is any indication.  The annual Public Relations Institute of Australia’s (PRIA) consulting sector benchmark study was conducted by Galaxy Research and used financial and operations data submitted by consultancy owners and chief executives. The report, which has run for 14 […]

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Love your work? Promote your small business online with a #spruik

Accounting software company MYOB has just launched Love Your Work, a campaign that encourages Australian small business owners to showcase via the social web their unique passion, product or skill. I’ll declare my hand here – MYOB is a client and I’m involved in the campaign It works like this: Business owners design a ‘#spruik’ (see […]

Twitter sign

The one massive opportunity most businesses are missing on Twitter

Okay, this is anecdotal but borne of years of active ‘in the trenches’ Twitter service plus keen observation of other people’s activities on the social platform. Here’s the thing. I quite regularly hat-tip businesses on Twitter. That means that out of the blue, I tell the world (well, my meagre sliver of the Twitterverse) that […]

blogging gives credibility

Here are 7 inspiring examples of business-to-business blogs from the smaller end of town

It’s no secret that a useful, content-rich blog can be super-effective in building visibility and credibility (not to mention traffic, leads and sales) for a business, whether it’s large, medium, small or micro. Consider these compelling statistics (sourced from HubSpot via Writtent.com): Companies that blog 15 or more times per month get 5x more traffic […]

Thought Leader Minute

Thought Leader Minute: Have you considered LinkedIn’s blogging platform?

TRANSCRIPTION: Do you want to start blogging but you’re not really sure at this point in time that you want to go to the trouble of setting up a blogging platform such as WordPress or Typepad? Then why don’t you take a look at LinkedIn’s recently launched new blogging platform? By blogging on LinkedIn you’ve […]

thought leader

THE NEW THOUGHT LEADER: Building visibility, influence and trust in a digital world

I must admit I have a love-hate relationship with the term ‘thought leader’. Having been a PR practitioner for over two decades, I’ve spent a good part of my professional life helping people – my clients – to become seen as thought leaders in their community, industry or profession. Notice that I wrote, “to become seen […]

jason berek lewis

THE THOUGHT LEADER JOURNEY: How blogging and social media give Jason Berek-Lewis credibility within the digital healthcare sector

In this episode of Reputation Revolution, I speak with digital health influencer, Jason Berek-Lewis. Jason is an evangelist for digital innovation in healthcare; he is a prominent blogger at HealthyStartups.com and an emerging thought leader in the social healthcare arena. During the chat, Jason outlines his strategy to grow his visibility and influence within digital […]