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THE THOUGHT LEADER JOURNEY: How blogging and social media give Jason Berek-Lewis credibility within the digital healthcare sector

In this episode of Reputation Revolution, I speak with digital health influencer, Jason Berek-Lewis. Jason is an evangelist for digital innovation in healthcare; he is a prominent blogger at HealthyStartups.com and an emerging thought leader in the social healthcare arena. During the chat, Jason outlines his strategy to grow his visibility and influence within digital […]

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Valuable lessons from ten established thought leaders

To mark the 25th episode of the REPUTATION REVOLUTION podcast, I highlight 10 thought leaders from Australia, England and the US and discuss some of the lessons we can take away from each one. I list the lessons below or if you prefer you can listen to the audio recording of the episode.     […]

PR Warrior content marketing

Content marketing bootcamp in Melbourne (Fri, October 3)

Following the success of my first PR Warrior Content Marketing Bootcamp in July, I thought I’d saddle up again! My next bootcamp event will be held in Melbourne on the morning of Friday, October 3 (early bird tickets available until 24/09/2014). We’ll be covering: MAKING SENSE OF CONTENT MARKETING: What is it, and why has it […]

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Pro Vs Amateur: Who wins in the content creation stakes?

The Victorian chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) recently held an interactive panel session around the theme Pro Vs Amateur: Who wins in the content creation stakes?  I sat on the panel along with popular blogger Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids (pictured below), and digital consultant, Ed Charles, founder of Tomato Media. Much of the session […]

Thought Leader Minute

Thought Leader Minute: Using Twitter to enrich your thinking

TRANSCRIPTION: Despite popular belief Twitter is home to some of the sharpest minds on the planet. People who are thought leaders in their space, points of reference for their industry. But thought leaders aren’t just smart people, they’re smart people who read. They go to conferences, they meet other smart and interesting people. And then there […]

Microphone and laptop

Two bald guys talking social media and content marketing

I was recently interviewed by my good mate Jim Stewart for MYOB’s podcast series The Savvy Accountant. { DISCLOSURE: I do advisory work with MYOB and also write for the company’s blog } While The Savvy Accountant podcast is aimed at accounting practices, the content is still highly relevant for any business, especially if you sell professional […]

2014-08-20 Networx-68

We are now all ‘storytellers’. Or are we?

 PHOTO CREDIT: Three Lens Kit Photography, Brisbane I had the pleasure last week of participating in a robust panel discussion in Queensland along with Tim Eldridge (business and brand development consultant), Ralph Barnett (Creative Director, SapientNitro) and MC/host, the most awesome Cat Matson. The event was part of the Networx Brisbane marketers’ meetings series, and had […]


The power of publishing your thoughts with entrepreneur, author and speaker, Steve Sammartino

EPISODE 24 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST Steve Sammartino epitomises today’s forward-thinking, tech savvy ‘new’ thought leader. His ‘Startup Blog’ attracts a monthly audience of over 30,000 and has been a catalyst for where Steve finds himself today – he’s a consultant and adviser, speaker on the technology revolution and author of the just-released book The Great Fragmentation: and why […]


How to improve your professional future in 20 minutes a day

Improve your professional career in 20 minutes per day. Or if you prefer … 140 minutes across the week. C’MON, YOU CAN DO IT! “What the heck can I do in 20 MINUTES a day that will improve my professional lot in life?” I have two words for you. Twitter. LinkedIn. Check out this SlideShare […]


The power of authenticity in building a strong and trusted personal brand

Authenticity. It’s a word we hear often when it comes to blogging and social media. It seems weird, doesn’t it? We’re human, right? Aren’t we authentic? Well, yes – and no. Here’s the thing. Some professionals create personas – false public images of themselves – in order to present a front to the world they think […]

Joanna Penn

Author and micro-publisher Joanna Penn on living a creative entrepreneurial life

EPISODE 23 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST Thanks to breakthroughs in technology, it’s never been easier to publish your own book and have it available for purchase anywhere in the world. Joanna Penn is a London-based (but location-independent) New York Times best-selling author, speaker, blogger, podcaster and micro-publishing entrepreneur; she has written seven fiction and four non-fiction […]