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heart first

Why the future of marketing is heart first, calculator second

It’s been some two and a half years since I publicly introduced my concept of The Connected Brand. Just to recap, my definition of a ‘connected brand’ is a person, company or organisation that: connects with the people who matter the most to the success of its business, or cause or issue;   contributes to their lives in […]

Social Media Scribble

Why company directors need to be ‘out, loud and proud’ on social media

Do you know who should be a company’s biggest champions? Employees, I hear you say. And you’re probably right, but that’s only going to happen if a company has a super-engaged workforce and its employees are actually empowered to spread the love via social channels, as well in offline forums (public events, with friends over […]

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microphone in the fire

The power of podcasting and why businesses should take audio-on-demand seriously

I’m an unashamed fan of podcasts. I’d probably listen to some six hours’ worth of podcasts per week which gives me a steady flow of ideas and inspiration in equal measure. You may have read the articles recently about the ‘podcasting boom’ and the upwards trend of audio-on-demand consumption. Many of these articles were inspired […]

rakhal ebeli newsmodo

Talking content marketing and brand journalism with Rakhal Ebeli, Newsmodo.com

Rakhal Ebeli is the founder and CEO of Newsmodo.com, an online service that helps publishers, agencies and brands connect with audiences through quality storytelling, crafted by experienced journalists from around the world. In this interview Rakhal chats about brand journalism and the role it plays in the broader realm of content marketing. He discusses the trend of brands […]

charles badenach

Building a strong personal brand in a conservative professional industry

Charles Badenach is an award-winning financial adviser with a passion for helping people, a trait that has helped him build his profile through content marketing and the judicious use of social media. Post-GFC Charles was determined to make himself recession-proof and subsequently set about building a personal brand with a view it would serve him […]


Have you checked the new Twitter Analytics function yet?

A note from Twitter appeared on my feed this morning alerting me to the fact that I could now access the platform’s new Analytics Dashboard. (N.B. It may have popped up earlier, this was the first time I noticed it and checked out the dashboard; I believe this functionality has been available to advertisers for […]

trevor young

My interview for Canberra’s Small Biz Intelligence Network

I recently delivered a presentation for the Small Biz Intelligence (SBI) business network in Canberra. SBI focuses on “educating the entrepreneur” and business owner. It offers professional connections with like-minded business owners who are life-long learners and want to grow their businesses through learning and instigating business opportunities. Here is an interview I recorded for SBI […]


The value a ‘socially visible’ CEO brings to the company they run

I woke up this morning to the news that web hosting company GoDaddy had decided to pull its forthcoming Super Bowl advertisement (see below) following a backlash from consumers. The ad, called ‘Journey Home’, stars a a way-cute golden retriever puppy named Buddy who accidentally falls from the back of a pickup truck before finding […]


Becoming an influential ‘go-to resource’ in your chosen field

Ed Charles from digital marketing consultancy Tomato Media has carved out a reputation as an authority on the ins-and-outs of Melbourne’s ‘foodie’ scene. A former journalist turned magazine publisher (and later food blogger), Ed has over the past 10 years used blogging, Twitter, Facebook plus a strategic approach to content curation to grow his profile and circle of […]


Why content curators will grow their influence in 2015 and beyond

As the digital content tsunami continues to crash down on us all, drowning us in news, information, opinions and insight (not to mention zany cat videos!), it won’t be long before we all go goggle-eyed – if we’re not already! But we’re only experiencing the tip of the content iceberg. It’s still early days as […]


Why building a platform is critical for the success of your personal brand

If you’re going to build your personal profile and reputation as an authority in your particular field, then you’ll need a platform from which to help you increase your visibility and deepen the connection you have with your audience.  In this article (‘Why Building Authority is Vital to the Success of Your Reputation and Business’), I look at the […]


And my word for 2015 is …

This time of year I usually pick three words to guide me for the ensuing 12 months. In 2015, however, I’m sticking with just the one word…it’s ART. Not ‘art’ as in Picasso (although it would be awesome to create like he did) – but ART as in how Seth Godin sees it i.e. (a) “Art isn’t […]


Three marketing books from 2014 that will help you smash it in 2015!

I read a stack of business books this year – some were released through traditional publishing houses while others were self-published for Kindle and usually focused tightly on a particular niche and thus tended to be shorter. But three stuck out in my mind that collectively covered social media and content marketing, leadership, PR, marketing […]

thought leadership

Should we kill off ‘thought leadership’? A discussion with Sarah Mitchell about thought leaders, innovators, pioneers and trailblazers!

Sarah Mitchell is the head of strategy at Lush Digital Media. She won’t like me saying this, but I consider her a thought leader in the area of content marketing. Why won’t Sarah be impressed? Because she recently wrote a blog post entitled ‘Content Marketing: Are You Still Using Thought Leaders’. I always find Sarah’s posts invigorating. She’s […]

FINAL thought leader minute

Thought Leader Minute: Getting the most from the business events you attend

TRANSCRIPTION: Aspiring thought leaders often attend a lot of industry events such as conferences and seminars. But how do you get the most out of these events, over and above from just attending? Here are some suggestions. Cover the event using Twitter. Be in the audience and report on interesting snippets, quotes, and sound bites […]