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The Content Revolution: Communicate what you stand for by telling a better story

Mark Masters helps people to own their media. Mark has been running the UK-based marketing and design agency The ID Group for eight years. In more recent times he has concluded, like many other forward-thinking marketers and business people, that old school marketing tactics don’t work as effectively as they used to. “Marketing has changed more in […]

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The power of truth and realism in content marketing and communications

Today more than ever we have to tell stories if we want our message to cut through the noise and resonate with its intended audience. Or so we’re told over and over again as if it’s something new. The truth is, storytelling has always been an important element of growing and succeeding in our business or community endeavours. It’s just […]

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The Story of Content: New documentary charts the rise and rise of content marketing

Content marketing continues to grow like crazy, with one research report boldly predicting that by 2019 it will become a 300+ billion industry. A growing number of brands – ranging from small businesses through to large organisations – are successfully evolving into publishers; instead of body-slamming the public with paid-for advertising messages, they are instead becoming the media by creating content […]


Why your brand needs to get out there and start Blabbing!

There’s a new social media platform in town folks! Is that a collective * groan * I hear? Fair enough too. Seems like every day there’s some new social network springing up, attracting some hype before virtually disappearing into the ether. Hello, Ello? But this one – I think – is different. It’s called Blab. […]

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Professional speakers need more than just a media profile today

Since I joined the professional speaking circuit a few years back, I’ve been exposed to a broad variety of speakers who generate revenue from the stage; some do it as a full time gig, others – like me – speak on a part-time basis because we earn the bulk of our income from other sources such as […]


Cracking the content code with Mark Schaefer

I’m an unabashed fan of Mark Schaefer and how he goes about his business. If you haven’t heard of Mark, he is a globally-recognised author, speaker, educator, podcaster and business consultant who blogs at {grow} – one of the top marketing blogs in the world. He’s the author of five best-selling books, including Social Media Explained, The Tao […]

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Understanding the power of owned and earned media in an ‘opt-in’ world

I don’t know about you but these days I seem to be getting ‘buffeted’ from all angles by people trying to sell me stuff. And it’s getting worse – the more communications channels that spring up, the louder the hype and the noisier everything becomes. I see these unwanted sales pitches for what they are – intrusions into my life – […]

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What are your biggest PR and marketing challenges today?

If you own or run a business, or you work in a marketing or PR role as a consultant in an agency or as part of an in-house team, do you mind telling me (anonymously, of course) what you see as the biggest challenges you’re facing currently in terms of communicating and engaging with your target […]

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Rethinking what we perceive to be ‘content’

When we think about creating content for our audience, all too often we default to blog posts, or video that we can publish to YouTube and then embed on our blog or website. More often today – but not nearly enough, though – audio might crack a mention. And if you’re a visually-oriented brand, photography probably takes […]


‘Minnow’ named as most influential Australian brand on LinkedIn, ahead of major blue chip companies

An Adelaide-based ‘minnow’ – Australian Institute of Business – has headed off a bevy of major blue chip companies to be named 2015’s most influential Australian brand on LinkedIn. LinkedIn today listed the top 10 most influential brands among members in Australia: Australian Institute of Business (AIB) Telstra Commonwealth Bank ANZ National Australia Bank Deloitte Australia CPA Australia Qantas Optus Westpac […]

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How to take charge of your ‘professional’ personal brand

  I like to say you have a personal brand whether you like it or not. What people say about you (when you’re not in the room), THAT is your brand; how people perceive you – how they feel as a result of having come into contact with you – whether in person, on the phone, via email […]