EP #43 – Using Facebook to build your personal brand


Facebook, being the behemoth that it is with well over a billion active users worldwide, doesn’t need to play by anyone’s rules.

The people behind Facebook pretty much can change the rules whenever they feel like it, and they do – regularly.

For example, in recent times they’ve reduced the level of organic reach for ‘brand pages’ – i.e. those pages run by companies, organisations and public identities such as authors and speakers; organic reach used to be on average roughly 16 per cent, and if you were doing a good job with your content and were achieving strong engagement on your page, this figure could be much higher.

However today, organic reach has plummeted to around 1-2 per cent and is on its way to zero. What that means is that if you have 100 likes on your page, on average you’ll be able to count on one hand the number of people (fans) who will get to see your content in their feeds. Of course this figure will increase if people are engaging with your content i.e. liking, sharing or commenting on it. But as a rule, you’re reaching a pitiful number of your followers.

This being the case, is Facebook worth it? Should aspiring thought leaders even be considering Facebook as part of their social media strategy?

It was with these questions in mind I invited Facebook expert Loren Bartley, from Impactiv8, on to the show.

In this episode Loren and I discuss the recent changes to Facebook and look at tactical ways in which aspiring thought leaders and subject matter experts can leverage the platform to build their personal brand.

More specifically, Loren explains the opportunities available when you ‘pay to play’ on Facebook, and how hyper-targeted you can get when you advertise on the platform; indeed, she says you’re doing your brand a disservice if you’re you don’t invest money in promoting your content to your ideal audience: “It makes sense that we have to pay,” Loren says.

About Loren:

Loren is a social media consultant, educator, coach, public speaker and blogger; she is passionate about educating small businesses on how to use the power of social media independently to build brand awareness, share their stories, develop communities, grow their business and ultimately achieve their overall business goals by converting online communities into action!

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