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Thank you for considering to be a guest on the REPUTATION REVOLUTION podcast.


By way of background, Reputation Revolution aims to help business professionals, subject matter experts, change agents and entrepreneurs build visibility, influence and trust in today’s ‘reputation economy’.

Listeners of Reputation Revolution have expertise, passion, knowledge and skills – they want to share, to make a difference, to have an impact. Sometimes the goal is to build their business, other times it’s about changing the world.

Optimized-Final-Art-RR-PodcastBottom line, it’s about having a positive influence in the marketplace and community in which you operate so you can make more of an impact in whatever it is you do!

But where to start? It’s a big issue, especially with people who have been cloistered in the corporate world and not had the chance to ‘break free’ on the social web. So many ways to get your message and story out in to the world, but how do you pull everything together in a strategic way so it’s not only manageable, but does justice to your personal brand?

My goal is two-fold: To help simplify things for emerging thought leaders when it comes to raising their profile through social media, content marketing, public speaking, book publishing and traditional media; also, to inspire listeners with stories and advice of savvy professionals who are already well into their thought leader journey.

  • INTERVIEW STYLE: Conversational, no set questions or format (apart from one mandatory kick-off question – “What were you doing 10 years ago”?).
  • LENGTH: Generally 25-35 minutes, depends on time availability, topic and flow of conversation.
  • MEDIUM: Audio only, recorded via Skype.
  • DISTRIBUTION: Published on iTunes via Libsyn, as well as on SoundCloud and Stitcher Radio.

What people are saying:

The Tremendous 10 (best podcasts of the moment) – Scoot Communications
“Clearly we love this guy because he’s number one on our list! Here’s why. Trevor is a self-described “PR warrior on the frontline of the communications revolution” and it’s clear he loves what he does. His interviews with industry leaders and influencers around the world are packed with valuable insights and practical strategies to help professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their sphere of influence. If you want to be a go-to person in your industry, a thriving small business operator, or an entrepreneur whose thought leadership credentials attract as much publicity as your enterprise, you’d better crack on and subscribe to Reputation Revolution.”

iTunes Reviews

“I first started listening to this podcast when invited to be a guest. I had written a post saying thought leadership should be killed off and that prompted Trevor Young to get in touch. I was impressed with the way he approached the topic and the conversation that took place. It certainly expanded my own thinking. Since then, I’m catching up on other episodes and always find one or two surprises and new ways of thinking.” – Sarah Mitchell aka @globalcopywrite

“A great podcast that gives an insight into how you can protect, grow and build your brand. Highly recommend it!” – Charles Badenach

Example guests:

We’ve featured a broad array of guests on REPUTATION REVOLUTION, from those who have global profiles e.g.

  • be2d5b0e206e454951fdbc92bae25a9b_400x400Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute
  • Darren Rowse, Problogger
  • Ann Handley, Marketing Profs
  • Jeff Bullas, leading marketing blogger
  • Joanna Penn aka The Creative Penn – author, podcaster & blogger
  • Mark Schaefer, author of The Content Code
  • Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt, authors – A World Gone Social
  • Lucy Whittington, author of Find Your Thing

… through to an eclectic list of subject matter experts, authors and thought leaders who might not have major global audiences but whom are making an impact in their niche through their judicious use of social media and online publishing platforms e.g.

  • zTmSXmqcCaroline Childerley, The Gin Queen
  • Ed Charles, leading foodie blogger
  • Dionne Lew, The Social Executive
  • Gavin Heaton, Servant of Chaos
  • Candice DeVille, multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur
  • Mark Masters, author of The Content Revolution
  • Kate McCombs, sex and relationships educator, blogger (pictured)
  • Lisa Petrilli, leadership expert

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